Spinal Manipulation Assessment & Rehabilitation Training (SMART)

Fee: $2500 (includes classroom instruction, course manual and tutorial videos)


20 hours of instruction 

37 hours of practical experience

This three weekend course is a great introduction to help you learn safe and current ways to manipulate your patient's spinal joints. This course will cover relevant theory and has been designed with ample opportunity for practice. We have included in the curriculum the requirements that allow you to seek authorization for spinal manipulation (previously known as the Alberta spinal manipulation roster). Please note that regulatory bodies outside of Alberta may have different requirements, please check with your regulatory college for more information.

Learning objectives include:   

- Definition of manipulation

- Proposed Effects of manipulation

- Indications for manipulation

- Contraindications for manipulation

- Obtaining consent for manipulation

- Spinal and Vertebrobasilar Artery Anatomy

- Vertebral Artery Testing

- Cranial nerve anatomy and examination

- Manual therapy assessment algorithm

- Clinical reasoning discussion 

- Key regional safety considerations

- Regional Arthro and Osteokinematics

- Review of regional Locking and joint biasing, 

- Review of relevant regional anatomy

- Pre-manipulative hold & final consent



- Facet joint flexion, extension & gap

- Uncovertebral joint IMP-SAL

- Direct vs indirect techniques

Thoracic Techniques

- Thoracic facet flexion, extension and gap

- Symmetrical and unilateral techniques

- Rib Gap-Superior-Inferior

Lumbar Techniques

- Lumbar facet flexion, extension and gap

- SIJ techniques – Anterior, Posterior, Upslip, Downslip

- Direct vs indirect techniques

Spinal Manipulation Advanced Relevant Techniques


Fee: $1500 (includes classroom instruction, course manual and tutorial videos)

This is an advanced physiotherapy course to help expand the skills of existing manual manipulative therapists. This course is open to physiotherapists who are already authorized for spinal manipulation. Course curriculum includes pre-manulative myofascial techniques, management of TMD, craniovertebral manipulation as well as a spinal manipulation in the presence of instability and in a variety of patient positions. There is opportunity to expand your clinical reasoning abilities through open discussion with other experienced clinicians. 

 Learning objectives include: 

- Direct vs indirect techniques

- Techniques from above and below

- Prone & Seated techniques

- Pre-manipulative myofascial techniques

- Craniovertebral Techniques

- Dealing with instabilities

- Follow-up exercise prescription

- Advance clinical reasoning

- Management of TMD

SMART Extremities


Fee: $1500 (includes classroom instruction, course manual and tutorial videos)

This course is designed to teach you how to safely and effectively manipulate the extremities. The course focuses on a variety of common conditions seen in everyday practice and key indicators for manipulation and mobilization. You will learn how a manipulation or mobilization can immediately improve the patient's response and ultimate outcomes.  

 Learning objectives include:


- Sacroiliac Joint

- Hip joint

- Abducted/Adducted Ulna

- Dorsal Lunate

- Anterior Talus

- Subtalar 

- Dorsal Cuboid

- Rib 1

- Ribs 2-6

- Ribs 7-10

- Ribs 11-12

- Shoulder

SMART Upgrade


Fee: $500

This course offers a one day review and retest if you did not successfully complete the SMART introductory course.

Our instructor is a CAMPT certified physiotherapist